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Why we use 100% plant-based oils/ingredients in our products

When you look at an ingredient list of a conventional skincare brand, you see lots of lab made/synthetic ingredients that are tricky to pronounce. The key ingredient, marketed as a new discovery or game changer, is somewhere near the bottom of the list, meaning it is in a minimal quantity (sometimes as little as 1%). These brands are filled with ingredients to increase shelf life or to make the product feel/smell a certain way. They can disrupt the skin’s natural renewal process, as the skin does not know what to do with these alien ingredients. In some cases, these products can cause the very same skin issue they claim to help you with!


LUMINARY wants to change that; we believe what’s on the inside counts! Each natural ingredient LUMINARY uses has a specific function for your skin. From the anti-oxidant pomegranate fighting against free radicals and sun damage, to hazelnut oil which is a clever balancing act for oily and dry skins (and everything in between!).


Since 2012, I have been handcrafting my own blends using carefully-curated, organic, nutrient rich, plant-based, unrefined, cold pressed oils and ingredients. The combinations are blended in accordance with fatty acid profiles and comedogenic ranking. Each oil serves a purpose individually and collectively. There is no room for complicated ingredients that are not sourced from nature. So,100% of the oil works for your skin.


Most of the industry use highly refined ingredients which go through heat or chemical processes. This makes them lose their benefits. Luminary only uses organic/high-quality oils which are cold pressed (i.e. they are not refined). This method preserves the quality, potency and purity of the oils. We take the additional care to source our ingredients from a range of artisan suppliers, where both product quality and process is a top priority (instead of profit!). For example, our argan oil is handpicked instead of using refined goat’s excrement, who eat plenty of argan fruit!


LUMINARY is suitable for all as plants look after all skin types, colours, genders and ages.


Enjoy the oils (hopefully as much as I love creating them).

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