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Sex & the Skin

Sex and the skin

I am seeing so many men share their skincare journeys and regimes but I want to tackle to a question that gets overlooked as we get absorbed by shopping skincare by skin type or concern. Should we be shopping skincare by sex? 


Let’s talk sex first!  

Hormones differ in men and women (obviously!) but these hormones also have an effect on the skin physiology and anatomy, which in turn affects the skin microbiome (microorganisms naturally existent on our skin). Scientific research shows the microbiome is different on male skin to female skin creating visible differences, naturally demanding consideration in skincare between men and women.

So what are these differences between male and female skin?



Sebum is an oily substance secreted onto our skin by the sebaceous glands preventing moisture loss. Men have more sebaceous glands than women, so produce more sebum.

Plus, men produce sebum more frequently due to theirhigher amounts of androgenic hormones. On the other hand, women have hormones that regulate these hormones thus balancing sebum production.


Thus men are not as vulnerable to dry or sensitive skin as the sebum protects from environmental damage and moisture loss. But as men have more sebum, they are more prone to oily skin and acne.   


pH Level

Men have higher pH (more alkaline) levels in skin than women but their epidermis has a lower pH (more acidic) then women which studies show that men are more prone to viral and bacterial infections.



Collagen is a structural protein present in many connective tissues in our body with a high concentration in the dermis layer. It works with the elastin, to help with structure, strength, and suppleness. It also retains moisture, giving our skin a healthy plump appearance.  Men seem to have ‘stronger’ collagen and so age later in life!!! Explains a lot J


Facial Hair

Other factor is facial hair. Men, who shave,  can risk ‘razor’ rash which come up in irritated bumps and can become inflamed; this is called pseudofolliculitis barbae.  An additional cosndieration.


So do men need to look for male skincare?

No but men need light linoleic oils which balance sebum production which are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory. LUMINARY’s cleansing oil, Floral Facial Toner, Sunrise Oil and Spot on Treatment oil have these properties and suit male skin. Enjoy!  

Note that this is about the generic differences between male and female skin and do not consider individual differences.


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