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Luminary organic skincare Plant based skin care vegan skincare

During my twenties, I found my (Indian) skin slowly ‘greying’ with hyperpigmentation left from the hormonal breakouts. I fell for many products promising some miracle result, but it either didn’t or didn’t last, so I would buy another or simply use more make up! This was no longer an option when I had kids as they would literally lick my skin... what I PUT on my skin suddenly became important. Enter (my) mother (not just as wisdom for my own kids but my skin too). She had always used facial oils and found it funny when a brand marketed a ‘new’ discovery while she had been using these all along whether it was borage oil (she calls it starflower), red raspberry seed, jojoba, tamanu and the list goes on.  So, I believe in an attempt to save me money, she made up her own blends for me. My skin responded beautifully and many of the concerns I had were no longer and having used these oils since 2012, my skin simply glows.  So, Luminary was created to celebrate and share my mother’s knowledge (and me listening to her finally!).   

We teamed up and decided take it further with research and investment to experiment and create facial oil blends for all skin types but to target dullness, hyperpigmentation, inflammation, acne and aging.

The oils were not just selected for their own properties to target these concerns but also selected to work together so the final blend didn’t congest skin but left it nourished, protected and glowing. We reviewed the individual properties of the oils, comedogenic scale rankings, fatty acid profiles and tested various combinations. This is what we finally arrived at:



We knew that jojoba is a classic cleanser (deep within the pore too), but wanted to combine with other oils that lent a different nutritional profile. We added sunflower which contains many important vitamins, peach which is gentle, and pumpkin which has naturally occurring zinc which helps with healing. We finally finished with thistle (or safflower) oil which provides protection by helping the skin rebuild its natural lipid barrier and geranium which is a great lymphatic cleanser plus smells divine.  

This can be used as part of a double cleanse method / wet cloth method (my preferred method) / dry cleanse method (dry wipe with a cloth). Living in London with hard water, I use this first thing in the morning (in winters) before I shower. I remove it in the shower with a warm wet cloth as I don’t want the hard water drying my skin.  And of course, I, use it in the evening to wipe off the day.



Floral waters are not given enough credit for the skin regulation and balancing that they do. I can’t seem to cleanse without following with this toner. I deliberately add no preservatives (water based product need preservatives to last longer but I want to keep it pure). So, our toners are come in 50ml bottles as shelf life is 3 months. They contain rose, to soothe and nourish, while Geranium is balances (skin and hormones !) and sage regulates the skin’s secretions. It adds a glow too before you follow with a facial oil. If I don’t want to oil cleanse in the morning, you use this first thing. I do this in summer so my skin absorbs this water instead of the hard London water!



The test in formulating this oil was to choose oils that worked for all skin types but sufficiently nourished without clogging pores and triggering breakouts.  Second test was to ensure it did not leave skin greasy. We had to use grapeseed which locks in moisturise, argan to add radiance and hazelnut which brightens and add glow. Apricot has anti-aging properties while thistle oil soothes inflamed skin and helps repair skin barrier. Petitgrain and geranium are great regulators for both oily and dry spots. I use this daily and even without spending much on massaging in, friends, family and customers find that I have a natural dewy glow. 



This is powerhouse of plant oils to quickly trump spots and acne BUT gently so skin is not left scarred after the spot disappears. It feels strange to use an oil on a spot but using oils with strong anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties from tamanu, black seed, jojoba, clary sage and nature’s very own salicylic acid, calendula help expel the bacteria without drying.  We also use up-cycled rice bran, the best source of tocotrienol (a powerful anti-oxidant) and red raspberry seed to attack hyperpigmentation. Niaouli finishes this treatment as a gentle anti-septic alternative to tea tree. All these oils collectively complement each’s ability to calm angry redness, sooth painful soreness, regulate your skin’s natural sebum production, all while minimising post scar formation and stimulating new tissue growth!

I use a drop when a spot is to about to emerge or has emerged and even when it has left ! This oil helps reduces spot life and numbs the sting. I find a lot of my post spot scars are also faded if I continue using this a few days after the spot has gone.



For a night oil, I wanted cram in as many effective oils to work hard while you sleep to wake with a glow. Carriers are selected for their strong ant-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant properties whilst they nourish without blocking pores (like avocado, argan, grapeseed and apricot) and regenerate skin post daily exposure to external and internal elements such as the weather, pollution and inflammation as well scars and pock marks (pomegranate and upcycled tomato seed). Rosehip and turmeric team up against uneven tone to leave skin youthful and glowing. It is finished with two natural floral scents which help calm, regulate and heal skin (and one of them was used as an aphrodisiac in ancients’ times!).

With so many oils crammed in, I do take the time to massage in  – I just use my finger tips. I tend to use a generous amount 5/6 drops) and apply a few minutes before bed. 


We believe passionately in the transformative and simple power of plant-based oils. As part of our launch, our product range is 20% off. Perfect time to invest in your skin as we hit winter and start another lockdown.

Take care, Luminary.


*Not available organically. The oils we chose are organic (certified by the Soil Association / COSMOS) but where not available as organic (as the oil extraction needs greater process) then we opt for cold pressed, high quality alternatives.


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