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Shauna's testimonial: 

Deep Oil Cleanse: On first impressions it was a beautiful natural aroma, and it felt very gentle on my skin, keeping in mind my skin was very damaged when I first came to using your products, it was the first thing not to burn or sting my skin and it always felt really nice and made my skin feel so soft after use, and gradually after time the redness started to die down in my skin and the pain in my skin is completely gone now

Floral Facial Toner: Also a beautiful natural scent,  it was soothing and refreshing when I sprayed it into my skin and again, never irritated my skin in any way, spray bottle also allowed a very easy application

Sunrise and Sunset Facial Oils: Both smelled beautiful and I really enjoy using them, my skin always felt well protected from the harsh weather conditions I had to work in and I also started to notice my skin becoming less greasy over long term use as well as softer, healthier looking skin. Also clearly suits sensitive skin as it didn't upset my skin 

Spot treatment Oil: I really love this product as I found it did shrink spots within days aside from my hormonal breakouts on my chin I've seen alot of changes in my acne, a lot of it has shrunk down and I can see alot of the scarring which is also showing some small signs of healing, while I still get breakouts I feel like this along with the other oils really draws the impurities and inflammation out of my skin.

All the products together working with my skin has been a literal lifesaver as my skin was in pain and this range was kinda my last hope in a way. I'm really glad I tried Luminary.

@shaunamurdie (Instagram)


Aneesa's testimonial: 

Deep Cleansing Oil: I use this as part of a double cleanse in the evenings (as the first cleanser) and can honestly say it takes off every inch of makeup, including when I am wearing heavy mascara leaving my second cleanse just for skin. This is a product I love and has become a staple in my PM routine and I will definitely repurchase.

Floral Facial Toner: A beautiful, rose smelling and hydrating toner which again I use every evening. Sprays out a lot (and I spritz a lot) and I just pat it in and can really feel my skin soaking it up ! Will repurchase.

Sunset oil: I use this oil as a last step in my routine every night and wake up with my skin feeling super hydrated. I never used to use oil on my skin and was worried I would be greasy but this was not the case at all! Repurchase J

@aneesabeautyblog (Instagram)


Brigette's testimonial: 


I have severe adult acne and used many of the main brands that say they help with this like CeraVe, the Ordinary etc. None of these work and it has been a continuing cycle of trying new products but again none work. I was unfamiliar with oils and started using these because they are targeted to acne and hyperpigmentation. I was a bit sceptical but these have actually done more for my skin in the last 2 months than anything I have tried in the last ten years!! My acne breakouts are no longer, my scarring and dark hyperpigmentation is fading. My skin for first time glows. I am so grateful to have found these products and will be sticking to these from now on. THANK YOU LUMINARY!!!