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Why pomegranates aren't just good for salads on Instagram

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Pomegranate is a super hero/ine oil that is so powerful that low percentage concentrations are all that is needed to be effective. Good news to our green consciences when it takes 500 kg of pomegranate to make 1kg.


Ancient Babylonians cited the uses and benefits of this fruit and the Ancient Egyptians used it as part of their Ayurvedic medicine as well as their self-care rituals. It has also been used for the healing of wounds. So it’s been around and I am a great believer in our ancient rituals!


Our Pomegranate oil is soil association certified organic and made by cold pressing the washed seeds of the organic pomegranate fruit. The fruit itself is used for the drinks industry – again something that relives your concern for using sustainable and non-wasteful ingredients. 


Pomegranate contain punicic acid which is also known as omega 5. This essential fatty acid is rare but in abundant in pomegranate seeds. Pomegranate is the only known botanical source of this fatty acid. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties and is a good antioxidant, tackling free radical activity and so delaying skin ageing.


Studies evidence that it provides protection from sun damage by decreasing damage by UV radiation. It’s not a high SPF but where sun damage has already occurred, pomegranate seeds can help to repair that damage. In the way that it tackles sun damage, studies show it also helps with pollution damage.


And there is more! It contains natural phenol antioxidant, ellagic acid and is rich in this so battles fast against free radical activity. Combining ellagic and punicic acid and it’s naturally occurring Vitamin A, B, D & E, helps regenerate skin cells improving skin elasticity and stimulate collagen (keratinocytes) production. The epidermis has visible difference with a fresh looking face.


So does it work for everyone ? Yep! Plants don’t discriminate. This is how it is versatile for all skin types:

  • Normal skin: helps fight free radicals, delays the signs of aging and nourishes
  • Oily skin: soothes irritation from spots and build up and reduces scarring
  • Mature skin: revitalises the skin with the antioxidants while stimulates collagen


So it naturally holds a place in night oils that aim to repair, regenerate and rejuvenate. Which is why it is a staple in LUMINARY’s SUNSET OIL.


Now when you eat pomegranate, appreciate those bitter seeds!