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Why we use black seed oil

When Cleopatra used this as part of her regime and it is frequently referred to in the Old testament and Islamic literature, black seed oil starts gaining a seemingly scared status which we can’t ignore. This oil is extracted from the Nigella seed and comes from the Eastern Mediterranean, North Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, and West Africa and also known as black cumin seed oil or black caraway seed oil. As a kid, my mother would make me eat the seeds for when I had a stomach upset. And now I coat my skin with it when it is upset. It contains a phytochemical compound, Thymoquinone, the main active ingredient which is documented for its promising pharmacological properties – anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and even anti-cancer ! But it doesn’t stop there.


Black seed oil’s dermatological properties are referenced in Journal of Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery, where using 10% of this oil (mixed with another carrier) helps reduce various skin conditions including:

-         Acne vulgaris as its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties helps skin irritation and inflammation

-         Psoriasis due to its anti-inflammatory properties where a 20212 study showed that red an scaly skin was healed

-         Aging – it is used to heal wounds and this has been tested and evidenced many times as documented within  Evidence-Based Complementary Alternative Medicine. In it’s ability to heal and repair wounds come the benefits to help with aging.


Black seed oil is safe and suitable for anyone (except pregnant women) to use but its benefits lend it to those with inflamed, damaged or mature skin. Luminary incorporate this oil into the SPOT ON treatment oil. We have selected an organic (Soil Association approved), cold-pressed oil from an artisan supplier to ensure the product is in its most natural state and of a quality that Cleopatra would have been used to.


Enjoy – we are all queens (or kings) 😊